Fiction vs. Entertainment

I get it. I really do. You read all the books, trawled through the appendices, wrote your fan-fic, put a scale to the map based on how long it took x to get to x. Awesome. Go you.


What on earth gives you the notion that because that’s what you enjoy doing, you now have the right to hate on the people who perhaps enjoy the series/film more than your preferred format? I get that it’s irritating listening to the whole speculation on who’s going to kill whom, where *that* character is and who you ship them with. I fully appreciate that the original media has been around for years and everything inside you is screaming for you to lace into the part time fans. Heck, I’ve felt like it too. But you need to step back and chill.

Trying my hardest not to bring names to this (Game of Thrones, The Hobbit) but it’s so hard not to when almost every channel of communication has one person speculating, one agreeing, two with their own ideas and one who loses it and gives the next three chapters away with the justification ‘It’s been out like, forever, you should know this by now.’

Ass. Is this a genuinely fair thing to do? Yes, it has existed since whenever, but the fact is that this format is new. You should be above giving away the story because this is an entirely new representation. It’s fresh for you as well, if you could just get over your indignation of others not being privy to the secrets you know. By all means feel superior to them because of your knowledge. Drink their tears when the blood bubbles from fictional throats. When they turn to you and ask if you knew this would happen, feel free to stare right in their eyes with a faint smile on your face and whisper ‘yes’. Enjoy it with them. They are sharing your world. Perhaps not enough for you to be happy, but it’s a start. As they wait for the next instalment, don’t dick them around, point them to a book. Let them find out for themselves what’s going to happen. Maybe they’ll even fall in love with it like you, so you can scoff together at the unbelievers, the intellectual inferiors.

But please. Don’t spoil it for them. This is a good thing for everyone. Obviously there are always going to be the ones that solely enjoy the latest media interpretation that you perhaps scorn. But think of it like this. There may be that one in a hundred, or a thousand, that come round to your view. That seek out the original text. That follow it through from there, and leapfrog onto the next piece of fiction that hits the mainstream before it does. That come to you to complain about the sheep. Just be patient until it happens. Keep the spoilers between you. Enjoy what you can of it.

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