This blog.

I’ve been struggling for a while what to make of this little piece of the interwebs that I can call my own. Not that I will, in fact, make much of it, but what I should probably categorise it as. Well. I’ve decided it will be about nothing. Nothing in particular anyway. Which doesn’t mean that nothing will get posted here, dear me, no. It simply means that everything that gets written(read:typed) will most likely have absolutely nothing that pertains to the previous post. How WordPress will hate me.

It isn’t that I’m here to waste your time, rather that I have absolutely no defining passion that drives me. I’m not an outspoken member of a political party, I find them a bit boring. Celebrities either make me covet their riches or roll my eyes at their antics. Food, drink and travel I enjoy, but since I don’t have the money to be doing as much of this as I really want, I can’t write about except with longing. Movies and books I absolutely burn through, though I will keep going back to my favourites again and again, until something great comes along and gets added to the rotation. Sports are cool, I just can’t keep up a façade about being fanatical about a single team or sport, I enjoy them all. Apart from maybe cross country skiing. Or the professional watching of flowers grow.

So. In a way this is just going to be an extension of me(insert dirty joke) and whatever the hell I think of on that day. Enjoy.

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