So. In addition to being a lazy, haphazard and grammatically incorrect blogger, I’m also going to give this a go. I know, I’m pretty late to the party, but November is National Novel Writing Month! Yes, I belong to the wrong nation, but the guys at NaNo are doing amazing things. Even I, reluctant to start anything, lazy during, and very rarely finishing, find myself drawn in to the challenge of it. It’s fun. It has a whole bunch of good advice for erstwhile authors, and it is done in the spirit of fun and good times.

But wait.

There’s more.

In addition to hosting this amazing event, they hold workshops, provide resources to libraries, community centres and bookstoores, and, here’s the kicker, they provide free classroom kits, writing workbooks, Common Core-aligned curricula, and virtual class management tools to more than 2,000 educators from Dubai to Boston.

Now that’s pretty cool. Get involved.

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