Well. For anyone that read the last post on NaNoWriMo, I failed miserably. Abysmally. I didn’t even make it a fifth of the way. I could claim a lot of excuses, working too much, personal issues, lack of coffee, etc. Mostly I failed because I didn’t put the effort in. Kudos to those who did, I have an insane amount of respect for anyone that got close to, met, or even exceeded the target. Well done.

You know what though, I’m going to keep trying. I’m going to do one for December. I’ll probably end up doing one for January too. Why? It was fun. It’s now a hobby, I guess.

It’ll be easier now, I have far more time on my hands. Resigned from my job. It was a choice between that and a holiday over New Years, fairly easy decision. Actually a weight off my chest, that place was dragging me down badly, and I miss doing stuff in my free time. I miss having free time. No more 4am starts or 3am finishes, I can be social again.

Need to stop spending money though, even temporary unemployment is a bit of a reality check.


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