Sunday Evening

Settling down now with a Guinness and a whisky to get a quick reflection jotted down. It’s a marvellously relaxing way to ease out of the weekend. Not that the weekend was particularly stressful or busy – certainly not what would be expected of the last minute Christmas shopper.

Saturday was spent trying partially to rectify the mistakes of the previous Saturday with a debatable amount of stress. We made it into the city again with A instead of R and B (which one would think would lead to a more productive trip) and the finest of intentions. One shop provided one present and part of a present. Then lunch which was both tasty and entertaining. It came with a bottle of wine that just topped us up from the state we started on Friday evening. So, a little tipsy heading once more unto the breach, dear reader, an advertisement for a free drink naturally caught our eye. Let’s take advantage of this, we said, and use the time to make plans.

So we found ourselves in a casino.

It was a pleasant distraction, actually. We had our free drink and left £20 better off, though still a little dazed and confused heading back to the shops. A couple more part-presents were acquired, as well as a full present but we quickly got the thirst again, so hit up a bar before we got the train. At this point the realisation hits that it is the birthday of R, so a drink on the train later we find ourselves hitting two bore beer-holes before arranging to be taken home, where guess what, there was wine waiting.

I’d like to point out this amount of drinking isn’t particularly wise, but this is the first time me and A have had a full day together, and money to actually enjoy ourselves and cut loose a bit.


This morning she was a little delicate. Understandably so, I guess. So I hit the gym with R, before acting the chauffeur to my folks which comes with the pleasure of having the Jaguar for the day. I know it isn’t mine, but there’s still the pleasure of being 24 and getting to do stuff like this.

For all that I’ve moved 300 miles and started a new job in the past 4 weeks, still with bills to pay and furniture to move, a life to sort out, plans to make, and a lot of self-analysis to do, it feels like everything is settling into a rhythm again. Which is good and bad. Once that basis is there one can branch out knowing where to hop back into the swing of things. I just need to be wary of getting stuck in a rut. Though it’s still far too soon to be technically rut-ed. It has after all, only been three full weeks.

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