Today’s thought is from a tradition I have had for the past 8 or 9 years now. What I do is, I wait until the lottery jackpot hits an obscene amount of money, and then, I don’t win it. This isn’t a hard tradition to follow.

I do daydream about this often. What would I do? Where would I go? Would I leave my job via barbershop quartet or stripogram messenger? What would I do?

A, my partner, full of hope in humanity as she is, tells me that despite my cold exterior, there is in fact a heart lurking away somewhere, and that I would do some giving away of money. R and B however, think our lives would turn into some sort of Jackass rerun. I miss those boys.

Ah memories.

I’m inclined to kind of agree with them both. Obviously I’d like to spend time doing what I enjoy. So, my free time becomes writing and sport. And gaming. I reckon I’d buy some filthy great house (snooker table and big kitchen a must), then build some beautiful training centre, with full size sports pitch, gym, etc etc. This would get massive praise from R, B, and even J, although A would be a bit pissed off because that’s where most of my days would be spent.

But after a while I’d get bored and start inviting people over. More and more until it becomes almost a, shudder, business. Primary schools and kids would get it for next to nothing, and they’d benefit from R and J’s able coaching.

Damnit she was right, I do have a heart.

And I overthink things. A lot.

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