On Secrets

Everybody has a weakness for secret things. Possibly because everyone has a secret or two. Everyone. And most people will profess they don’t, but when pressed will admit ‘fine, I had six pints’ or ‘okay, the baby wasn’t that way up when I got it’ or ‘actually it does make you look a bit chubby’. Lies, even white ones, count as secrets. Some can be kept in kindness, some for blackmail, instead of the personal stuff that could destroy your life. Given this, think of big organisations with the kind of (almost) limitless power and ability to hide their inner workings from the world. I’m thinking Vatican City, various governments, NASA, the Tower of London, etc etc. All the random stuff these guys will have just floating around in their back rooms that will never be seen by the public, or even by half the people who are part of that operation.

It might be just me, but I have a great time just fantasising about places like this. Hidden places nobody will go. Knowledge is power, so the hoarding of knowledge should be equivalent to tyranny. Robin Morgan said this and I think it’s bang on the money. As a people we tend to be scared of what we don’t know, right? Ignorance > fear > anger > hate > suffering. Mmhmm.

Okay, I did just lower the tone by paraphrasing Yoda after some proper brainy political theorist and activist, but it rings true. And given the current climate of unrest and general hate it’s pretty clear that there are a lot of secrets kicking around.


That’s the deeper, downside of what I’ve been thinking of today. Mostly I just want to look at hidden libraries, maybe some of Da Vinci’s old writings, that sort of stuff. I’m not clever enough to give enlightened views on current affairs. I just get bored at work a lot. One of my secrets (not really a secret) is I do next to nothing. Ah well.

Still, I wonder just how much nobody gets told.


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