On Saturday Night

I’d love to say I’m out partying. Nahhhhhh I honestly prefer sitting chilling at home with a whisky. Well. Ideally I’d love to be out with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, The Rock et al but I honestly don’t have the credentials. Or probably energy. Definitely not the money. It sounds better to say it’s the money reason so let’s go with that.

Money does make the world go round. Yeah you can get the students/liberals/whatever saying that when we as a species achieve true equality the case will be different, but at the minute it’s not. I don’t have a great deal of money that I can go out and spend ridiculously (saving for a mortgage and a wedding at the same time, I still have enough that I can say I’m not indebted to anyone) but the fact is it does move the world. Rather, it moves the political parties that move the world. So there.

The fact is I’m lazy. I’d like to generalise for the sake of the impact of the statement but not quite clued up enough on 25 year olds around the world, but certainly I myself am a lazy shit. Seriously. Given the chance I’d live my life in my own home, in my boxers, playing WoW, drinking beer and eating pizza. Occasionally going to the gym. Yeah I’m lazy but I like to look good. Sue me.

Definitely not me. Props to South Park.

But yeah. I have had a few wines so shouldn’t be trusted with profound worldviews or suchlike but at the minute I figure nobody but me will say what I want to say. Which makes what I want to say more dramatic than it actually is. And important. It’s really not, and truth be told if you’re reading this then you’ve already got a good enough handle on my scatterbrain mindset to realise I talk bollocks at the best of times so the following should be good.

Believe in yourself.

I don’t. I’d like to, and I have a lot of ‘Yeah, let’s do this’ schemes/ideas that never really get off the ground, regardless of how good they actually are or how suited to me they are. The point is you should never let people tell you not to do what you want to do. Not to go where you want to go. Definitely not to feel how you feel. How would they know? They will never be you, they will never go through what you’re going through, even if most of what you’re going through happens to be because of a mental illness, or because of something that happened to you that shouldn’t have happened to you. If you go through adversity, even if it’s completely personal, you should come out the other end fighting. Maybe nobody will know. Maybe nobody can see from looking at you.

But if you look in the mirror and see yourself, and can safely say that you’re doing your best, and being the best you can be, then no matter what anybody says, you’re doing the right thing.

Keep going.

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