Back, back and forth and forth


I’m going to do that ‘couple of sentences every hour’ thing gain tomorrow. It gave me a little bit of direction, a little drive to do more, and I can feel myself slipping further and further into the scatterbrain, hummingbird-attention-span zone every day. For example, I thought I was going to write about pride and whether or not it is a sufficient enough reason to get a tuition fee loan for another degree, which would be chosen from a very limited list of those I’d be able to get funding for. When it came to the blank page, however, I watched YouTube for a good 20 minutes or so. Specifically this:


Good ole’ Ozzy Man, you funny cunt.

So distracted in fact, that the first line I wrote was actually ‘Fuck me, GoT still knows how to knock your bloody socks off.’ Which, if you watch a lot of Ozzy Man, you’ll recognise his cadence and sentence structure in there. What I should write is ‘Fuck me, I’m a sponge for other people’s work’.

I kinda am. But then again, if I was to read Tolkien or say, Tolstoy for a couple hours, my patterns would change slightly to mirror that more than whatever I was reading before. Could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that it happens to everyone to a greater or lesser extent. Source needed.

Man, my mood has changed. I want to zone out and listen to music. Sit at a desk with my laptop. Have a couple leisurely whiskeys. Really chill. Live the life I envision if I had all the moneys and freedoms. At the minute I have few moneys and few freedom.

      (if you didn’t get that reference. Yes I remember obscure turnings of phrase like this)

I haven’t even watched the Simpsons in aaaaaaaages. It used to be almost every other night. Ideally the golden age episodes. Cape Feare isn’t my favourite, but it’s up there. If you were to force me to choose? The Secret War of Lisa Simpson. Unclear why. Another would be the one with Hank Scorpio. But I could just keep the list of contenders going on forever.

Gettin’ kinda sleepy now. The above reads pretty scatty, but trust me, it’s a very slowed-down version of the random-ass trains of thought that happen. It gets weird when I have to explain why I blurted out ‘But the parrots wouldn’t forget’ when the conversation was about, say, Nachos. (That hasn’t happened quite like that but it’s related to virtually daily mental segues).

Anyway, peace out. Hour log thing again tomorrow.

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