Other People’s Titles Are Really Intimidating

Seriously. I open up WordPress and this is what I see. That’s really off-putting. I’m never going to be able to write something that serious and intellectual-sounding. Ever. I get that it’s probably the writer’s full time gig, which takes some of the pressure off me (even if I’d like to be a full time writer I’d probably never be that knuckled down or clued in).

I even went for a run tonight in search of inspiration. I vastly misjudged the distance and found only pain, sweat, and heat. It did give me some nice fresh air and a reason to shower, however, which was relaxing enough to get my brain nice and loose, able to tip from one idea into another fairly easily.

A fairly good example of this is right now, when all of a sudden I’m thinking about making some overnight oats. Bit of a non-sequitur, but that’s pretty much what it’s like. It’s now too late for me to make overnight oats. And I’m nicely sat down just chillin’. So screw that.

Did anyone catch that leaked GoT episode this week? Don’t worry, it’s rhetorical. The question, not the leak. Yeah, I both did and didn’t. Managed to accidentally navigate the jungles of the interweb to it, then decided, yeah nah I want to wait and watch it with the missus. Points for me, ‘cos I heard it was fuckin’ amazing. And people cried. Possibly died.

Elsewhere in life, it’s practically Friday so I’m practically chilled out. My goal for Friday is to get some pictures or something up in here because I imagine just text posts are pretty boring to view. Sorry about that.

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