New look. Yay. Nah it’s not about that, it’s about increasing effort. I feel like I can find the inclination to put more effort into spewing more uneducated thoughts out into the world, and expanding them into something  resembling an opinion. Just about. Maybe I’ll even get myself so organised that I can think and write about current events. Christ on a bike, that would be somethin’.

I read a pretty good interview today yesterday with this guy. You can find it here, and honestly, it’s phenomenal. Actual content aside, the tone of his answers give a real sense of the character of the dude; of someone who’s been around and has fully stopped caring about the fallout that may result from what he says. He teases the stuff he knows before coming out with it anyway with a real ‘I don’t give a fuck it’s nothing to me anyway’ style. Absolutely awesome. The casual manner with which he drops facts is frankly unsettling. The implication from that is that he knows even more stuff that isn’t mentioned but just can’t be bothered to mention it. And the confidence he shows! My favourite response;

What was your greatest musical innovation?
Everything I’ve done.

And that is phenomenal. The balls to say that every single thing he’s done in the world of music has been entirely equal as well as being something he is unashamedly proud of. Fantastic. Thank you Quincy Jones.

Image result for quincy jones

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