The past couple of days have flown by. New job contract arrived, new personal project started, new writing task started. I’ve got some photo editing software downloaded and the trusty old Canon dusted off. Won a fair few games of poker. Hell, I’ve been consistent at the gym and even cleaned the kitchen.

Which isn’t to say that my week has all been gravy. Lawnmower broke. The vacuum I wanted to buy wasn’t in stock. Somehow the memory card with a whole holidays worth of pictures on isn’t recognised by my PC OR laptop. And it’s too damn hot to think. Eh, two steps forward and one back is still a step forward. Practical, sorry, measurable stuff aside, I do feel better. I caught myself just smiling at nothing today. Just….smiling. After I caught myself, I laughed, freely, ‘cos I was happy with myself for just grinning like a fool. I wasn’t even thinking of anything exciting, I was thinking about one of the things it’ll be quite likely I have to do in my new job.

So yeah, fair to say I’m pretty excited and positive at the minute. A very pleasant and welcome change.

Oh this post doesn’t have any words of inspiration or any message behind it. I’m just trying to continue making baby steps. Keeping up the habit. I’m positive at this moment tomorrow will bring even brighter things. It is a Friday, after all. Maybe I’mma go out and spend some money. Probably touch on that in my other blog. Anyway, laters.

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