30/07 – Spreading Positivity

So the last couple of days I’ve felt pretty happy. Which is nice, not to mention a little bit strange. I decided today to spread it around a bit more, in a couple of different ways. One of them is the simplest thing; smiling. It’s bloody addictive, let me tell you that. And it often works. I mean, it’s a bit odd seeing someone just grinning at everything, but sometimes when you meet someone’s eyes and they smile back I imagine it makes both parties that little bit more pleased than they were before.

Another isn’t really positive per se, even though it does seem to have a positive effect on relationships; it is simply talking to people more. Being interested in what they have to say, and keeping a conversation going instead of letting it lapse into silence, something I’m often guilty of, being completely happy and comfortable in silence. Apparently it unnerves some people. And by conversation I’m not talking about what often tends to happen, whereupon two people just wait their turn to speak thinking of what they want to say next, no, I’m on about actually listening and engaging with another person. Share your thoughts on what they’re going through. Give helpful advice. Most importantly, wait until they finish, pause, and be mindful. Once they feel they’ve been listened to, they’ll be happy to do the same to you.

Possibly the most outlandish thing I’ve tried is something I’m calling letters of appreciation. Fanmail, essentially, but my way of saying it sounds a bit less tragic. It’s spreading positivity to people who have imparted some feeling of happiness, inspiration, confidence, whatever positive emotion fits, to you, but would not know it. I mentioned Jon Olsson  possibly last week, so I chose him to do first. If there’s any interest I’ll post exactly what I said.

Hey, I also started a little instagram which is gonna be related to my newest pet project. It will be 100% positive, not like some of the drivel I write on here. So if being upbeat and happy is your thing, you might like it.



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