05/08 – New Month

It’s Sunday evening and I’m sat here chilling my ass off, couple drinks deep and relaxed as I can be. Pretty damn awesome, compared to just four weeks ago when I was slowly withdrawing into myself, becoming more and more depressed, ready to go into a job I didn’t enjoy immediately following a fantastic vacation. Now, I’ve had a productive weekend, I’ve done preeeeeetty much everything I wanted to, as well as some stuff I didn’t previously envision, and excitement is building for a brand new job.

Seriously, brand new. A lot of people will say brand new and mean like, a similar role in a similar industry. Nah, not me. This is gonna be something completely unfamiliar, in an unfamiliar industry, in a place I can’t even get to without a SatNav. I can’t wait. Feeling pretty damn positive right now.

My last post was all about spreading that around, and I’ve made some good progress doing that. The first little letter of appreciation I sent out got a reply, every bit as thankful and upbeat as I wanted it to be, and I got nothing out of it apart from pleasure at the response. Sometimes just words written in the right way can instil such a good feeling into a person the actual content of the message is immaterial. It’s definitely something I will continue with.

But yeah. New job. The biggest benefit of it is that it allows me to travel to really random, really upmarket places as part of my role. I’ll have to do work throughout, of course, but I’ll get to see so many new and interesting countries it will almost be worth the couple years of crap I’ve put up with. Plus the travel will give me plenty of time to write. About anything, but I’ll be having a fully travel- and lifestyle-focused blog in short order. I’ve even got an Instagram account going, something which I’ve previously sworn never to do. I reserve the right to be a massive hypocrite on occasion.

I do have a couple random thoughts on starting a new job though, something I’ve done a fair few times. Hell, I’ve switched life goals that often I’m practically accomplished at it.

  1. Be prepared for anything. By which I mean, prepare for nothing. You’ll be given a tour, a desk, a new email, maybe a phone, all sorts of shit, so it would be so easy to get overwhelmed. But never forget, this is your introduction to the company. They expect you to flounder a bit. Hell, they’ll be watching, testing, how you deal with what’s going on. So take a mental step back, breathe, and just accept it.
  2. Ask. You’re new right? So you don’t know the place. Is it better to be a little foolish with a stupid question now, or a massive screw-up in a couple months time when you’re expected to know the ropes? Your call.
  3. Take notes. Seriously, there’ll be so much information thrown at you in the coming week that nobody will expect everything to stick. So combat that assumption and impress people. The more you take in, the less questions you have to ask, the more capable you will seem. It’s almost like a cheap trick, but it will damn well pay off.
  4. Make friends. It’s a little bit of schoolyard advice, but it’s still pretty useful. Think about it; a friend might cover for a mistake you make, could give a good excuse when you’re late back form lunch (though of course you won’t be, you overachiever, you), and a dumb question you ask a friend is infinitely less embarrassing than a dumb question you ask your boss. It’s not using them, it’s just being sensible.
  5. Don’t hide. This is your given window to fuck up and make mistakes. It’s expected of you. Of course you should minimise the booboos you do do, but this is your week/fortnight/month to screw up and get away with it. So do it. Mistakes are the greatest teacher, and show you’re trying to push, which always will be respected. But it only works if you’re vocal and say ‘Yeah I thought it would work but I obviously misunderstood something….’ as then it puts the ownership back on the employer for maybe assuming you know something you don’t, as well as pointing out where you need training to improve.

Please don’t use this as an excuse to burn the building down, however.

Wish me luck tomorrow x

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