And Again

For what could be the 5th or 6th time, I find myself back in front of a keyboard with the inclination to make my fingers move for my own agenda. I’m not full of any promises of ‘yeah it’ll be one a week!’ or ‘this has been the hardest break of my life’ or any similar lines of bullshit to reason to myself that there was a good and just cause of me not writing, something I quite enjoy doing, as it turns out. Amazing how it comes back to you, right?

NaNoWriMo is back on, something I support in theory but have never had the wherewithal to carry through and complete. HEY MAYBE THIS TIME WILL BE DIF…no, probably not. Let’s be real. It’s a great idea, though, wish everybody who can actually do it the best of luck.

I have been pretty busy though, for a change. Since the last time I’ve been up and down the country a few times, zigzagged all around Germany (really, though, Munich-Regensburg-Bremen-Göttingen-Dusseldorf-Berlin), ragged a Fiat spider around the Amalfi coast, strolled up Vesuvius, waltzed round Pompei, sashayed through ice-cream parlours and even walked to Asda a couple of times. In style, of course.

What I feel I am missing in life is consistency in doing productive things to better myself. And it’s all my fault. Nobody else to blame. Starting small though; I’ll keep you posted.

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