Lockdown Day 0

Last week, on Tuesday, I got sent home an hour early. This was after waiting around for two hours whilst the uppers had a meeting. For my work, this was pretty unheard of. The news stories were getting more and more serious, the prime minister seemed to be getting less and less criticism following his daily address, the jokes were less frequent and even darker. The next day we reported as normal, but just to the meeting room. The message? Go home. Be with your families. Full pay, for now. Next update, Friday.

Friday. The update was simple; no work until further notice. Next update doesn’t have a date, but the latest it will be is the third of April. Two weeks. A solid incubation period.

LOCKDOWN:  Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressing the nation from 10 Downing Street

Now as I write this, it’s Monday 23 March, just after 21:00 and the message has gone out as a fresh government announcement; stay indoors. Leave only for food, or for one session of outdoor exercise. Anywhere that isn’t an essential shop is shut. No visits. No socialising. This is pretty unprecedented.

I’m jesting with a couple friends about the lengths the world will go to to force me to be productive. But really, in this kind of situation, everyone (not ill or working in those crucial health and support roles) faces a choice of what to do with their time. The obvious risk a lot of people will be facing is to slide into sloth. Sinking into their sofa, Netflix on every hour of the day, not moving, gathering dust.

Or you could, and this is my plan, get moving. Physically and mentally. Push yourself, learn something, work out, read, write, draw! Rediscover those passions. Set goals, meet them then grow with them. My first goal through this, is to write every day. Every single damn day. Something never been done before (by me). So get ready to be bored. 

Stay safe.

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