Lockdown Day 2

At the risk of starting to sound simply like a diary, today’s highlights were a nice woodland walk, reminiscing about pub gardens, and a nice calm pint of cider in the house.  Burned my tongue too. Bummer.

It was, all in all, very much a day for relaxing. In the face of all the messages telling people to better themselves, to make the most of the extra time, today was very much a day to chill. Ironic that I do ultimately want to use this time to better myself- I just resent being advised to do it. Particularly when I already am. Also, what a shame that people in their multi-million pound mansions, with their wine cellars and pools and pool tables and this and that etc…what a shame they’re feeling like they are struggling whilst in the very lap of luxury during this pandemic.

I feel that’s tarring people with a very broad brush however, with the likes of John Legend putting on an impromptu live gig from his home, complete with wine-drinking, towel-clad wife perched delicately on his grand piano whilst he does so. Honestly, it was fantastic. I almost bought a piano that very night. Even my friends are getting involved to cheer people up with live music.

This is the kind of ‘as one’ spirit that is the best in people coming to the fore in times of woe and uncertainty. Not the bullshit hoarding, looting, stealing. Not the distrust of fellow man, but the desire to bring some levity, some escapism from the harsh realities we as a species are currently facing.

Whether or not you progress or just breathe through it, this is our time to rise.

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