Lockdown Day 3

This weather is gorgeous. We managed to get the baby outside in her bounceroo for some fresh air and sunshine, and it was cute. As. Heck. She is too young to walk, much less understand what’s happening in the wider world, and very much enjoying having both her parents at her beck and call at all hours. Particularly through the night.

I do worry a little over her readjusting when one or both of us return to work. Obviously she will adjust, but the thought of her staring at a door I just closed behind me is unthinkable. And sad.

In a happier vein, I’ve designated tomorrow to be a day full of creativity. Writing, drawing, working on fun projects. Anything under the sun so long as it doesn’t feel like work and isn’t prescribed learning. It’s entirely self-guided.

Very sleepy today, short update.

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