Lockdown Day 4

I don’t know what day it is.  This isn’t particularly a bad thing, as for the foreseeable future all our time is spent at home, but when you’re talking and people casually mention ‘next Thursday’ I have no frame of reference. That could easily be a hundred nights away. Or the day after tomorrow. If that’s the hardest challenge to be faced in the coming weeks so be it. I will meet it head on.

I’m trying to decide if writing comes easier in the morning or evening. The first couple were written at night, last thing, after the baby has gone to sleep. Day 3 was actually the morning after the third day, same as this one (it’s technically day five right now) and I’m thinking that nights are a bit calmer and words flow easily. Easier. Certainly if we look at lengths (HAH it’s not all about size), or images and links, the first couple are certainly richer. Possibly for five I’ll try the afternoon?

Never before had it occurred to me that the time of day could drastically change the shape of one’s writing. Possibly because I never tried to put pen to paper for so many consecutive days? And then going an extra layer, maybe it’s time passing relative so my sleep rather than what the clock is showing; if I’m awake all night and write just before sleep in the am, would that be the same as the article produced by writing at midnight after being busy all day? Maybe it’s just my mood.

Night & Day - Fine Art Photography Series by Andrew Prokos
Andrew Prokos Photography

This ‘what if’ game could be played all day. I’m sure I’ve written before about how they are two of the most dangerous words in the English language. I stand by that. Hell, maybe it’s time to write about that again. I’m sure it’s been at least two years.

Anyway, stay safe, this is just a ramble.

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