Lockdown Day 5

As promised, the experiment into productivity by writing at different times of day and looking at the end product continues. This time, it’s late afternoon. Sun streaming in the window after a rain, daughter asleep in my partner’s arms, cider next to me. Apart from being a bit peckish, it is a pretty ideal picture. 

Later we’ll play a couple board games and most likely talk about what we could do when the lockdown restrictions are lifted. Holidays, drives, places to see. Like a bucket list but not as robust. I imagine once we as a society move past this pandemic life will probably (don’t quote me on this) go back to something resembling normal within a handful of years. Maybe a price dip on travel to kick-start tourism again, plenty of sales to stimulate the markets, then maybe a price rise to offset the lack of profits, then a slow settle back to what we currently view as normal. Maybe. I’m not an analyst. Nor a psychic.

Yesterday (could have been, I still don’t know what day it is) was a Designated Creative Day™. Hopefully the start of many to come. As a result I now have the full Adobe Creative Cloud. I have literally. No. Idea. How to do pretty much everything in it. Even Photoshop which I learned, and was pretty good at, at college, has undergone enough facelifts that it may as well be in Mandarin. I did manage the following in Lightroom, but I can’t decide if it’s genuinely good or if I’m looking at it through the rosy glasses of the creator.

Lightroom Landscape 1.jpg
Looks like a golf course promo

My incapability really brings home that instant success is super rare. When I was little I was naturally good at a lot of things. That’s long gone. Whether or not it’s that what I try to do is that much more complex or me just being generally useless remains to be seen, what I’m appreciating now is the casual skill of those who have put the time in. Who’ve paid their dues and can now reap the rewards. 

Massive respect to them. In my old age. My self-reflective age, if you will, I know the only thing that has stopped me from being at that point right now is that I didn’t find what I wanted to do soon enough. It’s a curse of our time; we have so much information available to us, so much choice of what to do with ourselves, that we end up dipping in and out of stuff on a whim. We’re less renaissance men and more Jack of all trades, emphasis on the ‘master of none’ part. This makes the it even more impressive to be a polymath in this day and age.

The rest of us have a five minute attention span, distracted by the next fading interest. Then the next. Repeat until dead.

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