Lockdown Day 6

The thing I’m noticing most as the days go by is even though I’m exercising and moving around, pottering about doing little jobs, is how much my ass is sick of sitting on the couch. I’ve started sitting on the floor for a bit, getting a hard chair from the kitchen, working upstairs, working at the island, just about everything. My poor ass is not satisfied with the current options. I may need to buy new seats.

Right, the confession right now is I didn’t manage to write in the afternoon. Mea culpa. In fairness, I’m told it is Sunday, which is pretty much a write off in terms of afternoons anyway. They’re meant for baths, cocktails, wine and relaxation. Not activity. I don’t know when the cut off point is but it’s currently ten local time and I’m alone in the front room with a glass of red and Infinity War on. Can’t complain.

Of course I can complain in a general sense. For example, Amie got Disney+ today expecting to be able to watch Frozen 2: Electric Bugaloo(I don’t know, it might be called that), only to realise it’s out for everyone in the states, but not poor Britain. Why? Couldn’t tell you. Likely there’s some profit to be made by keeping everything separate and promote violent relations between the nations. At least there’s some Star Wars and Marvel to be watched.

Disney Plus review | TechRadar

Frankly I’m enjoying this impromptu holiday at home. I know my partner isn’t and some of my friends are likewise struggling and veering towards cabin fever. Some of it I get and some of it I don’t. Being trapped in the house and not experiencing the social interaction you crave, yeah, sure, genuine issue. My sympathy. But not being able to be happy because there are bad things in the world? Being angry at people who can be happy despite the current situation? Dude, you’re setting yourself up for a very unhappy and unhealthy life there. Feeling down because of what you’re going through is fine, feeling like people shouldn’t or have no right to be happy is just plain wrong. Find happiness in what you have. Don’t envy those who can be positive in the face of this pandemic. Maybe take a look inwards and see why you aren’t feeling good.

The only thing that currently has the potential to bring me into a negative mood is lack of sleep. That’s it. My poor little girl is still teething and (apparently) going through a sleep regression. My amazing midwife partner does almost 100% of the night time stuff, but I keep trying to help out. It. Is. Hard. I also have the fact that I’m of limited help. Up until recently the baby wouldn’t even settle with me, much less sleep. But I try. And every now and again, we share a moment where the tiny human is sleepy enough to not care and I’m awake enough to appreciate; she will lay her little head on my shoulder and very slowly drift off, cuddled in close, her pudgy little hands grasping at my chest and shoulders. That’s the reward.

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