Lockdown Day 7

Today wasn’t that productive and I don’t mind at all. In regular times, even if they are now a dim memory, I would be majorly pissed off. Having such an excess of time means less juggling between daughter, work and hobbies. It’s awesome.

Spending money is a massive risk though. Yesterday (or maybe the day before) I ordered a new board and had to make a conscious effort not to spend even more. With delivery drivers now revered as lesser gods, the temptation is oh so real. And being in the house for so long inevitably means we’re looking for things to do. New is exciting and exciting isn’t boring and that’s the risk. Add it to the fact most of our money gets spent in bars and restaurants, which are now shut, you get the perfect recipe for an online shopping spree. Or three.

Luckily (meaning lucky for my wallet), luckily, most of the stuff I would buy would be to use outside. Where we can no longer go for pleasure. Only state mandated exercise. Or to shop for food and stuff. Which is boring and I’d much rather have a new guitar or a surfboard anyway. Plus a lot of the stuff is too expensive even for the extra disposable cash.


When people talk about baby learning leaps and sleep regression and all that rubbish, I used to scoff. Maybe even expel air out my nose in dismissal. Not now. How wrong I was. Poor naive Sammy. It is one hundred percent real and currently happening. Again. I don’t know how she (baby) does it. Just when it seemed we were getting into a decent routine, just when progress was happening, just when we thought we were out, Tiny had other ideas. It’s now back to stretches of about two hours sleep before she’s up again, moaning or crying.

I’m sure we don’t have it quite as bad as it could be; generally the baby is the chillest little thing. And I’m stretching it slightly to increase my word count and give my fingers a workout. In reality we still get a decent 6-8 hours sleep, albeit broken, and we take turns having an hour lie in on a morning. It’s my turn tomorrow morning. The thing that I suppose is the biggest blow is the mental hit of taking a step back. Feels like your parenting isn’t quite up to scratch.

But that’s fine right? I mean, every single day is a learning curve. Sometimes it’s fine to just chill for a period. Especially if you have the time. The time I have with her is much more important than a few hours sleep, that’s for damn sure.

Last note;  I’ll try have at least a nice picture or something tomorrow. Sorry, slacking.

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