Lockdown Day 9

Another day, another session practising writing. The update from my employer is that they have no update for us working stiffs. Situation unchanged, we’re still locked down until further notice. So what can I do?

I’m going to do another little experiment. So the one that concluded last night around writing at different times of the day is a really good lead into it; this time I’m going to see how tweeting improves article exposure. See, I spent a good chunk of time today reading articles from my inbox, and browsing around on Twitter, and a lot of them focus on market exposure and content release strategies (appropriately enough the one I’ve linked is from WordPress themselves). I honestly don’t care about that at all. Even if nobody reads this, I get to flex my fingers and I win. Anything more than that is a bonus.

So, on to what I propose to do. I have a Twitter account (@blogswarr) linked to this that sees absolutely no use at all, apart from going off whenever I write something on WordPress. Usually nothing else at all. I’m going to alternate tweeting in between writing content and doing nothing. Maybe one day I’ll do nothing but retweets, the next maybe I’ll @someone in every tweet, the next; nothing but likes. Or favourites? Whichever it is, I’ll try that. If you can’t tell, I’m not overly familiar with the ways you work it. As you can probably tell by the fact the account has only 3 followers.

For now I think I’ll try to keep away from those accounts set up that can boost your profile, like the one pictured:


Not that I have any particular qualms about using them if you’re actively trying to reach a wider audience, more that I don’t want to try it yet. I have no reason to, I’m not trying to make this a business. That’s a long way off.

As a bit of a follow on from the last few where I was dicking about with what time of day I was writing, this has been pretty spread over the course of the day. The start was written about 4pm, and I’m currently writing the body at 22:45. As I mentioned above, a decent amount of the day was spent reading what other people write about. Something I love doing at any time, but doing it when I was fresh enough to take ideas away felt quite good. Almost like I’m cheating, by building up some content before I sit down to write. Is that cheating?

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