Lockdown Day 11

There isn’t anything quite as daunting as a blank page. Not in the same way; where the beholder is the one responsible for transporting that emptiness into the richest gold. Or like, whatever they as an individual are capable of. 

I feel like I’ve skipped a day but really am unsure how, given I’ve written every day as soon as I wake up as well as right before I sleep. Perhaps I’ve forgotten to post something. Ah well.

Hopefully it was something good, ‘cos I’ve got nothing. Zip, nada, zilch, nothing. The Covid situation continues to get worse, more than 1.1 million cases, more than 60 thousand dead. That’s without what has gone unreported.

It all makes for very grim reading. We’re now at one of those defining points in history. Our generation will be known henceforth as the ones that dealt with this pandemic, regardless of how it turns out. We could be lauded or criticised, revered or despised. Our descendants will be our judges.

Onto lighter thoughts. My gorgeous little girl is crawling even faster. She’s a menace. With a cheeky grin. Whenever she hears the word ‘no’, she turns and grins…and gets right back to whatever she was doing. Throwing nappies around, eating plants, biting ears, that sort of thing. 

There. All refreshed from doom with the thought of a smiley rascal baby.

I’ve been playing about with Lightroom, both for mobile (see above) and on the computer. Obviously I’m a complete beginner but it’s pretty easy to muddle through and make something, at the exact same time as imparting just how robust a piece of software it is. You look at various sliders, selectors and icons and think ‘I have no idea what you do’. Never in a million years will I understand it deeply, but it’s great fun. 

Regarding the Twittexperiment thing; given I have like no followers it’s super slow going. Most likely will not amount to anything other than the usual views, but hey, still early days.

Still plenty of lockdown to go.

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