Lockdown Day 12

The temptation to spend money on things that can’t really be used is tremendous. I’m positive it’s something akin to boredom, some need to have a rush in the absence of let’s face it, most of the fun outlets out there. Amie has resorted to buying scratchcardsonline. I’m mostly browsing things I can’t afford. Sometimes even things I can afford, at a push. Only when I get bored of looking at yachts.

Melnichenko puts Motor Yacht A up for sale | Daily Mail Online

Look at it. I’ve joked for a while about having one someday. The sensible ‘plan it out’ part of me says I should probably learn to sail first. At least a day skipper license or something. Related; what I wanted to do the other day, what she mentioned today and what we’ll probably do tomorrow is to write a list of all the things we want to do post-lockdown. I imagine it will be pretty far-ranging. From going to the pub to surfing in Bali, going to the shops (and being in and out within ten minutes, no queue) to having a whirlwind weekend in Vegas.

You can probably guess which ideas are mine.

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