Lockdown Day 14

This morning I figured out that if I put the baby down at one end of the front room, I have precisely enough time to make a coffee and pour myself a glass of orange before she makes it to the other side of the room. Where I promptly intercept and reposition. Like a responsible father. Which I’m totally not. She’s grabbed grass? Cool, well done. Biting? Awesome, she’s learning how to use her teeth! She’s sucking on a battery!Okay, that one might be too far. True story though.

She’s fine.

The Twitter experiment isn’t going too well. The problem being, I forget to tweet. Could be why I don’t use it so much; I mean, I’m not interested in browsing it, I just know that people in general do that. And I’m trying to see if it could be advantageous. Even to someone not willing to put the time in to identify a market, view market trends, then try to manipulate, I’m not that kind of guy. Honest.

I will, however, shamelessly use random hashtags to increase traffic. Use tagwords that have something in relation to what I write, whilst being pretty far removed from the subject matter. I’ll steal images without shame. Especially boats. The way I see it, so few people look at this that I’m safe, right? Right. If you wanted serious, useful content, go to medium. They’re great, honest. I constantly hear good things (even if they do send out too many suggested articles.

Today has been one of those typical lockdown days. Enough productivity that it felt useful, enough looking after of baby that it felt special, enough cooking that we’re all fed with leftovers, and enough relaxation that leaves everyone a bit tipsy. I might dedicate the next week to just getting drunk in new and interesting ways, on new and interesting things. It’s not like we’re spending money in pubs and restaurants anymore. And offies have officially been deemed to be ‘essential’. So it’s pretty much a winner.

I had an email just now about ‘why it’s taking so long to develop a vaccine’. It irritated the everloving fuck out of me. This is a new thing. Our race has been around for thousands of years. We’ve known Covid-19 for what, 5 months? Maximum? And people are questioning the time taken to have a proven cure sitting waiting to be used? Are they not right in the head or what?

Researchers harness new technology for rapid COVID-19 vaccine ...

Vaccine development usually takes years. The problem is more that the current glut of humanity on their smartphones and tablets, are so used to having a solution at the touch of a button that they’ve lost track of effort. The search for quick tips, hacks and cheats dominates everything. Always the shortcut is sought. Which for a lot of things, is fine. But protecting people’s health? I’d prefer my antidote to have been tried and tested for years, thanks. I’ll skip the fear-mongering, just give me what works.

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