Lockdown Day 15

There are a great many forms of media out there with which to distract oneself from this grim reality. Some require a bit of thought and activity, some you can just smash on in the background and mellow out to. At the minute I’m leaning towards the latter, specifically this guy:

the Luxury Travel ExpertI’ll post a video at the end.

In a nutshell, he records a luxury flight or hotel, taking in every single detail. Minute ones, like a hot towel before the meal. Or a full slow pan over the full menu available. Usually set to some adagio classical music whilst keeping the white noise picked up by his camera. There’s no obnoxious narration, just a subtle banner with some of his comments. I imagine they’re seldom read, especially if this is a background watch. For some reason, I find it absolutely fascinating to watch. He visits some absolutely stunning places in the most exotic corners of the world. Just don’t check the prices.

The fact that it’s a pipedream for me to visit these places doesn’t bother me. I still get enjoyment from seeing it. I’m basically window-shopping holiday experiences. There are people that would get depressed by it, which is fine, maybe don’t watch them. Fill your time with whatever does make you happy. Or if you want to get deep about it, consider why you can’t take a relaxing travel video at face value and enjoy it without thinking ‘this isn’t my life so now I’m sad at my life’. Hey, we’ve all been there. I say this to provoke thought rather than arguments. 

Whether we like it or not, we are currently blessed with the luxury of time. It’s there to use however you see fit. Self-reflection never hurt anybody. A video chat is currently the easiest form of group therapy out there. Let’s be mindful.

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