Lockdown Day 17

I totally missed a day. My bad. Luckily, I’m not beholden to deadlines or a boss for this. It’s also pretty lucky as I’ve got nothing to say. Again. The days are blending a little into one big mush of sitting outside, sitting inside, half-arsed exercise, cooking, drinking, eating, walking, playing with baby, working (hah) and playing games. If I didn’t have the TV schedule to follow, you could tell me it’s a Wednesday and I’d believe you.

For all that I am loving all this time and freedom there are some things I do miss. Sport is a big one. As I write this I’m watching F1 highlights from last season. Azerbaijan to be precise.

Welcome to Azerbaijan

Isn’t it pretty? Maybe one day we’ll visit. We (me and Amie) have talked about places we want to travel to, post-pandemic. Mine is a bit more robust, but she’s got some real quality on there. Conveniently, there’s also some crossover. We’ll also have some funds as it is highly likely our vacation next month will be refunded. Which isn’t the nicest thing, but probably the safest.

What else do I miss? The pub. Some of our most relaxing days are just having a walk followed by a nice quiet chat over a couple of beers. The point isn’t so much the drinking, it’s more to experience the atmosphere, that quiet ocean of calm a good country boozer gives you. It could be packed but your table for two over in the corner can still hear each other talking to each other, just shooting the breeze.

Days out too. My list of things to do (I do love a good list) after all this just gets bigger day by day. Spend more time at the beach. Learn to really surf. Get my bike license. I could go on all day and probably into the night. Whenever it came to the weekend in regular times I was always too tired from the week to want to do anything. Now I miss even having the opportunity, even if I don’t take it, to do things. I miss things. Things were cool.

Hopefully I’ll think of something to talk about. Maybe I’ll find a new skill to learn, and document that. Happy Easter.

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