Lockdown Day 18

Is there anything better than sharing something you enjoy or are proud of, and having the person you share it with enjoy it? Well, probably. The birth of a child, winning money, getting a birthday gift. Maybe a lot of things. But it’s still a pretty damn good feeling.

I’m a big fan of all these challenges that are getting bandied about on Instagram. Not necessarily for the content or likes, moreso for the fun inherent in having people try something new. The community spirit in getting friends involved in a daft idea. I know it’s what I grew up doing and I surely can’t be alone in that. Not that I’ve been challenged to anything (yet) but that’s immaterial. It still brings joy.

The only challenges I do have going on are small things. Not for likes or anything like that. Tasks given with no reward or forfeit other than pride or shame. Small things that will test somebody or push them to achieve. Something that you would always want to do but deem it not as helpful in your day-to-day as say, doing the dishes. Something that’s always on your list but is the first to get sacrificed. Something that you need an excuse, or someone to tell you to do it.

I have one of these going at the minute. Less of a challenging challenge, more of an excuse to do something I always wanted to do for myself, but never found the time or mindset. I’ve mentioned group video calls as being the quarantine version of group therapy. Liken this then to the homework a shrink would set you. A small task to improve yourself and give a positive boost.

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