Lockdown Day 2319

Life is beginning to return.

The bars are open. The greenery at the roadside is once again turning a healthy black colour from the return of passing cars. People are cautiously walking the streets, even if they do look like ninjas. No longer do we have to fight like animals for pasta or rice. I even saw some flour poking its white, powdery head out from hiding.

Welcome to the new normal.

Sort of. It seems like the world has returned to its usual programming of hate, violence, terror and greed. The new normal looks a great deal like a fresh recession and I have the privilege of being unemployed for this one. Woo. Hoo.

Not that it’s all bad. We got the money back from what should have been the daughter’s first holiday without too much effort. We’ve immediately spent it on another one (and then some). A better one. I might even take up their offer of working there for a year, or at least I would if I had a job.

Bottom Bay beach
Insert me here. Shutterstock

Barbados should look out. It’s still pretty hopeful, but if that’s cancelled and we get the money back, after a few more iterations we should be able to afford something really special. Like a solid gold house. Or a chunk of amber with dinosaur DNA in it.

Of course I jest. Once again I find myself a poor student. This time completely of my own volition, and actually performing to a level that somewhat satisfies the standard to which I hold myself. Some time in the far, far distant future I can see myself getting dissatisfied with a software development role and leaving in a huff, but at the minute that’s the dream. We all know the real dream is a champagne filled yacht, but the dev role is good too. As a stepping stone, at least.

One of my current problems is a severe attention deficit. Today, for example, I finished a small learning project that I started and did 80% of last week. I already have the next one open and waiting, but in between finishing the one and starting the other I have already found two other things to look at and explore. If I were an owl with two heads I wouldn’t be able to look at all these things in the time I have.

Enter to-do list number 4 million. Probably. I’m not going to harp on about the benefits of lists (I’ve done it so many times before, and still love them to bits) other than to say being able to write down a new area to look at and instantly move back to what I should be doing is pretty priceless for me right now. Especially given the reduced time I have to sit at a keyboard and work. As it turns out, babies are quite the distraction. Especially when they learn to crawl in the first week of lockdown. Especially when they get bored of that in the second week of lockdown and start walking. Especially when they’re tall enough to reach the sleep key on the laptop when one sits on the couch and tries to work.

Damn baby.

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