New Challenges

As is natural, I find myself constantly hit with new challenges, hence the on-the-nose title. The most recent (current) one is trying to find a place to sit and work while my car gets serviced. Coffee shop full. Next one closed. So, I’m sat at the garage typing away with a mask on. Awesome.

In a more general sense, I have to try find a new job in this economy. In this recession. The second ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ recession we’ve faced. I have to skill up so this job doesn’t suck. I have to continue to look after my beautiful daughter. To cook for my currently super angry partner (chill, Am). To prepare for the next year of study. Sort a passport for the tiny one. Keep in shape. Eat. Sort the boiler. Try to keep the house tidyish.

If I’d have known ten years ago the stuff I currently have on my plate, I probably would have planned better. Or fled to Tibet to live as a monk.

Inside of Tashilunpo Monastery
Tashilunpo Monastery would totally be the life. TibetTravel

The thing is – the thing is – I don’t feel any more pressure than I did ten years ago. I probably feel less, having been around a bit longer and living with myself a bit easier. Sure it’s all a lot different to what I was expecting AND to last year, much less last decade, but it’s just the norm. No existential crises over breakfast, thinking about the day ahead. No sense of inability to get through the week. It’s all gravy.

In all likelihood I could do with a little more pressure to try and drive me that bit harder. Maybe from that aforementioned new job (please hire me). It’s a definite though, that the rise in amount and difficulty of challenges is directly linked to personal growth. And age, but let’s not poke that bear too much. I feel more capable, more mentally strong, than I ever have. Physically I’m akin to a lettuce, but in terms of mindset I am so ready for whatever lemons life throws at me next.

So much so that I’d encourage everyone to start taking on as much as they can. Be challenged. Try new things. Go for that promotion. Being uncomfortable for sure drives growth. Not so uncomfortable that you’re dreading going to work (though even then when you move on you’ll have learnt some valuable lessons), more like the level of un-comfort previously associated with watching a sex scene with your parents. Squirm a bit, then get your head down and get through the day with maximum effort.

The temptation is there to moan and bitch and sink into ‘Oh woe is me, I’m so drained’ melodrama. It’s fine to get tired and a bit bogged down. You could use that as an excuse to not do or enjoy things. Or you could acknowledge it, sack up, and move on from it. Stay positive. Keep on trucking. Push through.

I guarantee when you get past it you’ll feel a whole lot better.

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