Hi there, I’m Sam.

I don’t have a massively inspiring story – I studied Mathematics at uni, worked in bars for a while, and now I’m a responsible adult. Kinda. I like to write, I like sci-fi and fantasy, I’m pretty damn active, I play a couple instruments, quote the Simpsons, eat tacos, drink tequila, get anxious at work and tend to not sit still for very long. I’m a bit of an odd breed. Like to think I’m pretty, though.

Alright, let’s go a little bit deeper. I was raised well, deep in the wilderness of northern England. Lucky to have the progenitors that I have; they managed to instil a sense of politeness and a general nice demeanour, possibly with slightly too much pride, but I’m working on it. I got to travel a lot growing up, and still like to at any opportunity, though with adulting it’s admittedly a bit hard to find the funds and time. Too sensible to let the wanderlust lead me off the wrong path.

Speaking of wrong paths my early forays into casual alcoholism were all low-key apart from ONE (which naturally I’m never allowed to forget or live down). Stopped nothing though.

University didn’t really slow it down. Speaking of, university didn’t do much for me at all, though I can see with the benefit of hindsight and a few years to cool off, that I  definitely chose the wrong subject. Still tried. Pride, innit. It was a learning experience. Especially moving to the other end of the country. That was fun.

During and after that I’ve worked at a car-wash, in a surf shop, at a call centre (twice), in a few bars, at an accountancy practice, for a civil engineering company and for a company that fits out cinemas. I like to move and progress.

Don’t expect any amazing insights or deep thoughts from me, nor cutting or satirical observations. You might find something that amuses, entertains, or helps you out here – it would be nice if you did (and tell me if this happens), but this is effectively practice for me. See I have this half hearted ambition to write books.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not half hearted in the sense that I’m not sure if I should do it or not, rather in the sense of niggling self-doubt that most people suffer from that makes it hard to put words on paper (in this case, anyway). I mean, I’ve read enough stories that theoretically it’s something I could be amazing at and would massively enjoy. But. It’s pretty damn hard.

If you want to reach out and approach me, criticise, help, or even want me to do something for you, please do so, I’m always open to ideas.

Peace out


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