Lockdown Day 10

One of the most satisfying things to watch is our little baby crawling and rolling round the floor, bashing her toys together, exploring the environment she finds herself in, learning how to move, to grab, finding joy in remote controls, shouting at her toes. Eating trees. Just hope she grows out of that one.

Another is finishing a task. Which I haven’t done today, for anything meaningful. Small ones, absolutely. Cut the lawn, walked baby, those sorts of tasks. Important of course, but not overly useful ones.

There was still satisfaction in these, but a much smaller, run-of-the-mill brand of satisfaction. I don’t know, I figure completing small tasks gives you the boost to crack on and get more and more done. Like a landslide. Or a pandemic.

16/12 – Sunday

It’s fucking Christmas time! Yeaaah! Though the more Christmases that pass the more the whole season becomes almost an ever-growing list of chores and stuff to accomplish before C-day comes and the jobs are replaced by socialising and visiting obligations. Which, it has to be said, isn’t as bad as I’m making out, since it’s hard to find a genuinely unhappy person when you’re there spreading cheer, alcohol, presents and, importantly, time.

‘cos the thing I’m the most excited about right now is having all that free time. Any one of my close friends will be able to tell you, I rarely sit still. Take today for example, a nondescript Sunday in December. I woke up late after a disturbed night sleep, about the latest I have in the past year, and since then I’ve done the washing, deep cleaned the oven, visited grandparents, prepped meals for the next three/four (depending on appetite levels) lunches, had a bath, skated (flatground only – the park is soaked…where it isn’t frozen over), made a separate lunch and dinner for today, came up with a variation on the flappy bird game, trained a little, researched stick’n’poke tattoo kits, and am now balls deep in my first blog post in a long ass while, all before 830pm. Crushing this ‘relaxed Sunday’ shit.

But yeah, tend not to sit on my ass a great deal. I have Plans over the Christmas period. Note the capital P. Plans. Puh-luh-ah-uhn-uhs. PLANS. Of course I still need to hit up all the family stuff, eat babies and kiss turkeys and so on, but this will be the first time I have an extended period of free time in my own home. So maybe 75% of the crap I need to do, for once there’s only me standing in the way.

The other 25%, unfortunately, will be postponed by a lack of funds, time, skills and freedom. All of which are attainable, only not in the time limit. I’m back on the ‘I want to crush all adventures and extreme sports’ mindset. Which doesn’t work when you’re on an office bitch salary, tied to the location, no option to work remotely (personal bug there), and (much as I love them) family ties. Like everyone I’ve thought of dropping it all and going AWOL, but I’d honestly prefer to stick some serious work in now, then maybe be able to jet off at leisure in a couple years time.

Which, let’s be honest, won’t happen as an office bitch, but that’s the main drive to smash as much as feasibly possible in my spare time, work at all these other hobbies and interests as much as possible, then maybe, maybe, one day with a whole load of effort, and an equal amount of luck, the hobby will become a job and I’ll never have to work again. I truly believe there’s no real limit to capability, it’ll just take a buttload of hard work.

So let’s get crackin’.


Well. For anyone that read the last post on NaNoWriMo, I failed miserably. Abysmally. I didn’t even make it a fifth of the way. I could claim a lot of excuses, working too much, personal issues, lack of coffee, etc. Mostly I failed because I didn’t put the effort in. Kudos to those who did, I have an insane amount of respect for anyone that got close to, met, or even exceeded the target. Well done.

You know what though, I’m going to keep trying. I’m going to do one for December. I’ll probably end up doing one for January too. Why? It was fun. It’s now a hobby, I guess.

It’ll be easier now, I have far more time on my hands. Resigned from my job. It was a choice between that and a holiday over New Years, fairly easy decision. Actually a weight off my chest, that place was dragging me down badly, and I miss doing stuff in my free time. I miss having free time. No more 4am starts or 3am finishes, I can be social again.

Need to stop spending money though, even temporary unemployment is a bit of a reality check.