about this blog

Please don’t misunderstand – it’s not that I think these posts are interesting or particularly useful to people. What this is is practice for me – I’d like to write for a living and this is a pretty good way of practising, pulling subjects out of thin air, getting nonsense down on paper, putting it out for people to read (and ignore).

I don’t doubt that most of this rubbish is just that, with grammar-tirical and spelling errorors, with a generally dull tone to boot, but you can never take away that I enjoy this shit. Seriously, it’s pretty fun.

It’s like verbal diarrhoea, but for your typey-typey fingers I guess, which is a disgusting little metaphor in hindsight, even if you know exactly what I mean by it. Which is the beauty of the written word, the wildest phrases with nothing to do with the intended meaning in the literal sense, are the ones that are the most memorable. If I could get one thing to stick in each person’s head that happened to read this, then I’d count it a success. Even if it’s a made up word, silly expression, a fucking swear, or even a general sense of disagreement or unease, it would be a victory to me.

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